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Civil War School Day Event

May 10, 2016


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At this event roundtable members instruct students about various aspects of the Civil War era including military organization, camp life, battles, and culture. Students experience camp life, military life, and a battle re-enactment.
Area schools 5th grade teachers are sent an invitation to attend the School Day Event through a letter accompanied by a registration form. A small fee per student is charged.
In preparing for the School Day Event, the committee chooses a real battle from the Civil War for the scenario based on how many students will be coming. The teachers are given this information ahead of time.
Prior to the event, each class will be provided information about a specific Union or Confederate military unit that they will be asked to portray. In this way the teachers can talk about the Civil War and prepare their students for the event. With this background information, we ask that the students come to the event dressed in either blue or gray (depending upon the assignment), make a regimental flag for the unit (the details of which we provide). Wooden rifles will be provides for use.
Upon the arrival of the event date, students, teachers, and chaperones sign-in and receive instructions as to where the Union and Confederate camps are and what they are to do first. The student soldiers are also told which area they will start at first then moving from station to station at the end of the session. After lunch the students will learn how to drill and prepare for the battle.
Student soldiers always seem to look forward to the battle part of the event. The student soldiers have already been assigned at what point in the battle they are shot and need to lay down until the battle is over. Some students will remain standing during the entire battle sequence.
After the battle, everyone then gathers for closing remarks and getting ready to head back to their schools.


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