Civil War History of the Month

Civil War History of the Month – Trivia

by Stephen Miller

1) What was the State of Illinois contribution to the Union Army?

2) What is the largest mausoleum in the United States?

3) What was the first confederate state capitol to fall to the Union Army?

4) When was the submarine “Explorer” built?

5) Did it see action during the war?

6) How deep could the Explorer dive?

7) What battle kept the Confederacy out of the SW United States?

8) What was the largest cavalry battle west of the Mississippi?

9) How many Union regiments were raised in California?

10) What was unique about the Battle of Port Hudson, Louisiana?



Trivia Answers

1) 250,000 men (4th highest. Not to forget Abraham Lincoln, U.S. Grant, John Schofield,

and John Logan

2) Grant’s tomb, completed in 1897. It stands 150 feet tall.

3) Nashville, TN February 25th , 1862 by Don Carlos Buell

4) The hul was laid down in 1863. It was completed in 1865.

5) No, it was moved tto Panama in 1866 to look for pearls.

6) Over 100 feet (this depth would have crished the Hunley.

7) The Battle of Glorieta Pass: March 26, 1862-March 28, 1862.

8) The Battle of Mine Creek, during the Westport campaign, Oct. 25th 1864

9) Eight, none of them fought in the east.

10) It was the first major battle that involved black troops May 27